Patricia Bennett


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Walters Art Museum Live Painting Wedding Ceremony

Painted a magical wedding and reception at the Walters Art Museum in the sculpture court, June 6, 2015.

Patricia Bennett painting in the sculpture court at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, June 6, 2015, photo taken by Robert Mintz
Walters Art Museum Live Wedding Painting by Patricia Bennett, copyright Patricia Bennett 2015

Jessica Maskell, of JEM Events, calmly organized the event, and lovely florals were provided by Amanda Schlissler of Stylish Occasions.  The bride designed a lovely sea-green layered cloth effect on a frame to stand in front of the central fountain.  Stylish Occasions created an A-frame garland to drape over it, filled with pale pink peonies and pale orange roses.  Pastor Michael Belt officiated.

D.J. Mark Maskell did a wonderful job entertaining guests on the dance floor.

It has been at least a decade since an artist painted in the sculpture court, if ever, so the Walters Art Museum, at the initiative of their event coordinator Heather Poff, arranged for me to meet with several key museum staff, including the head of security, to describe my materials and technique.  Luckily, my materials satisfied them, and after I signed an agreement, I had permission to paint in the stunning and unique space.  Stanchions were placed around me for further security.

In order to capture the architecture of the space, I visited a week earlier to sketch and take photos and began the painting in my studio.  To fit the vertical space onto the horizontal canvas, I compressed the second floor by 50%, but included the ceiling.  No one even notices!

Betsy Robinson Bridal Boutique Live Painting

Betsy Robinson Bridal Collection live painting, by Patricia Bennett

Betsy Robinson's salon is voted #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region of Brides’ Magazine, and many brides whose weddings that I paint purchase their gowns from Betsy Robinson.  The mother of the bride whose wedding I was to paint that Saturday came into the store to pick up her gown while I was painting at Betsy's, by coincidence.

Betsy Robinson asked me to do a painting of her store.  This was a great honor for me.  She wanted, "a day in the life of" her store.  She especially wanted the seamstresses to be in the painting and her longest employees.  The seamstresses are in the back of the store, diligently fitting dresses.  They do extensive work by hand, including beading.  It is highly skilled work.  

The painting was begun on May 2, 2015 when Betsy Robinson's store had a trunk show of Waters and Thomas Knoell.  Thomas Knoell was there, a very nice person.  In the center of the painting is his display of jewelry for brides.  That day I put in the store and established a color harmony.  I returned several times to clean things up.  I also photographed the key people to add.  Betsy got permission from a future bride who was being fitted to be photographed by me, and she was added to the right corner, with Rose "pinning" her.  

The painting has taken almost two months to complete.  It is very complex, with figures added to the foreground and recognizable faces.  I got advice from my artist friends Jackie and Palden Hamilton and Brandon Flye at the Zoll Studio for composition and color.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

William Paca House and Garden Painting for the Paca Girlfriends Party in Historic Annapolis

Yesterday I painted the annual 2015 Paca Girlfriend's Party at the William Paca House and Garden in Historic Annapolis, June 17, 2015.

William Paca House and Garden painting for the Paca Girlfriends Party, June 17, 2015, 24x24", painted by Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett painting at the Paca Girlfriends Party for the William Paca House and Garden, June 17, 2015

William Paca House and Garden painting on easel for the Paca Girlfriends Party, 2015, painted by Patricia Bennett
The Paca Girlfriends' committee contacted me a few months ago and asked me if I'd like to paint their party.  I love gardens and parties, so it was an enthusiastic yes.  They made me welcome and it was a lovely party to paint.  I enjoyed meeting the guests and other vendors, as well as the head gardener, who described pruning the five impressive American Holly trees depicted in my painting.

There was a silent auction for my artwork (a piece of paper where people could bid); proceeds partly went to the Paca House.

Address of the William Paca House and Garden: 186 Prince George St, Annapolis, MD 21401
Website for the Paca Girlfriends:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Waters Edge Wedding Reception Painting, June 13, 2015

Waters Edge Wedding Reception, June 13, 2015, Patricia Bennett
This was painted at the Waters Edge Event Center in Belcamp, Maryland.

Intermediate stage: Waters Edge Reception, June 13, 2015 by Patricia Bennett

Below is the painting at the end of the night, fresh from the easel:

End of night: Waters Edge Wedding Reception Painting, June 13, 2015, by Patricia Bennett

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom and to their family and friends!

Waters Edge Address: 4687 Millennium Ave, Belcamp, MD

Monday, June 8, 2015

Gramercy Mansion Wedding Painting, 2015

Wedding Celebration at Gramercy Mansion, painted by Patricia Bennett

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom, who celebrated their marriage in front of family and friends at Gramercy Mansion, on May 9, 2015. 

Heidi Hiller, owner of Innovative Party Planners, was the coordinator.  
She created striking blue and sage green table settings in the Gramercy Mansion's dining room, and collaborated with the bride's mother and the caterer to create a celebration of
the Moroccan and Jewish cultures.  The food was a delightful blend of the two cultures, and the D.J, 
Carl Brashears masterfully entertained the guests.  

I arrived by 2pm and painted the scenery as they set up the Chuppah, which had birch logs, 
a special organic touch.  After painting the ceremony, I moved into the reception area and painted there for the rest of the night.

Coincidentally, the mother of the bride and her in-laws, just arrived from Morocco, were at Betsy Robinson's Bridal Boutique to pick up her dress three days prior to the wedding celebration, when I was painting at Betsy Robinson's.  So we got to meet in advance!

Gramercy Mansion is a sumptuous bed and breakfast at 1400 Greenspring Valley Rd, Stevenson, MD 21153, (410) 486-2405.