Patricia Bennett


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You are Invited to Patricia Bennett's Artist in Residence show at Cylburn Arboretum: November 1, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

My Artist in Residence Show at Cylburn Arboretum is this Friday.  Over thirty paintings of Cylburn on display and for sale.  You are invited to celebrate a beautiful year at Cylburn with paintings, wine, and cheese and the wonderful people of the Cylburn Association.  4915 Greenspring Ave, Baltimore, MD, 5:30 to 7:30pm.  

Invitation to Patricia Bennett's Cylburn  Show, invitation designed by Art Docs in Hampden and Karen Smith

Patricia Bennett painting at Cylburn, photo by Justin Tsucalus

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Portrait for Center Stage auction winner

Beginning of portrait, 18x24, Patricia Bennett
In January Center Stage, a theater company, had a fundraiser.  I donated a sitting for an 11x14 watercolor portrait.  This is her first sitting.  I decided to use acrylics and make the portrait 18x24.

Painting at the George Peabody Library Today

George Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD
I'm painting a beautiful bride in this library today.  I will be in the lower left, the band center bottom.  This is one of the most amazing libraries in the world.

Yesterday I brought my easel and canvas and table to the library, they are behind a blue curtain.

I will arrive at 2:15, and be allowed in at 2:30.  The reception begins at 6:30.  This gives me four hours to paint the "architectural surroundings".  It is an enormous challenge.  But I have decided to focus on the distinctive floor and a few details such as the railings, the columns, and the archways.

Hopefully the art muse will be with me today.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Four Seasons, Baltimore

At the Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore.

11x14, Patricia Bennett, watercolor on paper, The Four Seasons Lobby
I sat on a wooden bench in the lobby and drew for a couple of hours.  

While I was drawing the flower display, the florist arrived and took all of the flowers away!  He replaced the pink roses with small orange pumpkins.  
Perhaps the image would be better cropped.  A try below.  I will begin a formal painting of the scene in the next few weeks.
Cropped, Patricia Bennett, The Four Seasons of Baltimore Lobby
Or perhaps some more cropping...

Cropped again, Patricia Bennett, The Four Seasons of Baltimore Lobby

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Live Painting at the Baltimore Country Club

Wedding Reception Painting at the Baltimore Country Club, ©Patricia Bennett 2013 24x36"

Below is the painting at the end of the evening.  I asked the couple to pose for me, and added them afterwards, along with small vignettes of their first dance and their marriage ceremony.  The bride's dog is also in the painting.
Baltimore Country Club Live Painting, 24x36, Patricia Bennett
This lovely wedding reception was organized by Stephanie Bradshaw and her crew at Baltimore's very own Baltimore Country Club.

I arrived at noon to a space with three areas: one for the reception dinner with a "farm to family" feel, one for dancing "under the stars", and one for coffee.  I had to decide what to paint.  It was tempting to include the view from the entrance, but I decided on simplicity: I set up in the reception room.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Completed Pazo Wedding Reception Painting

Completed Wedding Reception Painting, setting is downtown restaurant, Pazo

Wedding Reception at Pazo, 24x36", Patricia Bennett
The bride and groom are in the foreground, best wishes to the happy couple.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wedding Reception at Pazo

October 5, 2013 Wedding Reception Painting at Pazo Restaurant in Baltimore City

I arrived at 2pm to begin the painting for the lovely couple of their wedding reception at Baltimore's Pazo.  Living in Baltimore, I had heard of Pazo but had never seen it until the Wednesday before the Reception.  It was the perfect location for this event.

I found the staff to be really helpful and friendly.  Elizabeth Bailey, the wedding planner, expertly situated me in the perfect location, and allowed me lots of latitude. 

At the end...
Patricia Bennett after midnight with the painting of the Wedding Reception.
 The painting, bride and groom to be added later.
Wedding Reception at Pazo, by Patricia Bennett
In this painting please note the limousine out front, the high-heeled shoes on the stool, the absence of a flight of stairs, and the figure on the upper balcony with the camera...
The beginning of the painting, pencil on canvas, Patricia Bennett

Artist's reflection in the bar at Pazo

Photo of Pazo with Elizabeth Bailey, her two assistants, and Pazo's event planner.

The Wedding Reception Painting, mid-way through.
It was a great party.  The only part that was kind of weird was when I walked ten blocks after midnight through Fells Point to fetch my car.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Cylburn Association Porch Parties

Painted Live at the Cylburn Association's Porch Parties at Cylburn Arboretum.

This was actually the second porch party.  It began at 6:30, the beer was donated by the man on the right with a red beard.  Tracy Bumba is in the foreground, lower left.  Kathy Hudson is in the red pants, she was one of the hostesses.  

Cylburn Porch Party Thursday September 26, 2013  Patricia Bennett
 The third porch party, a brunch.  The food and table settings were generously donated by the Food Market in Hampden.  I have never been so impressed with the friendliness of a caterer.  The owner's father is on the left serving coffee, and the owner is on the right in blue.  They let me have my coffee cup, which is on my left as I type this.  Karen Smith and her husband, President of the board, are near the back.  Gary Vikan, former director of the Walters Art Museum, is on the lower left, with Greg Otto, Baltimore's premiere artist on the lower right.
Cylburn Porch Party 2 Sunday September 29, 2013 Patricia Bennett