Patricia Bennett


Friday, March 14, 2014

The Knot at the George Peabody Library, organized by Elle Ellinghaus

The Knot at the George Peabody Library, organized by Elle Ellinghaus, painted by Patricia Bennett.

Yesterday I got to paint at the gorgeous George Peabody Library for the Knot event, which was organized by Elle Ellinghaus.

 I will put the painting image on my blog tonight, and plan to send out many thank you cards with the image on them.  

I met lots of great people, some of them familiar faces, some new.  A really nice night, beautifully decorated as well.  There were those little lights strung across the interior and a wonderful assortment of pinks and greens in the flower arrangements.  The band was excellent as well.  And there was a faux-patisserie set up at one end of the library with little cafe tables.  

Delivering my copy of the Baltimore Country Club painting today!  Off to the Caves Valley Golf Club to a private home.
Copy of Baltimore Country Club Black Tie Painting by commission, by Patricia Bennett
The copy took four weeks to paint, unlike the original, which was ten hours.  I used rulers and grids to make it exact.  I measured to the 1/8th of an inch across a 24x36 inch canvas, using my print-out of an image of the original for reference.  I'm very pleased with it.