Patricia Bennett


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Carnegie Institution of Washington Live Painting of Wedding Reception

Carnegie Institute of Science, Live Wedding Reception Painting, 24x36" by Patricia Bennett
Yesterday I painted this lovely wedding reception at the Carnegie Institute of Washington in Washington D.C.  Congratulations to the bride and groom and to their families!

As the building would open at 3:30pm and the architecture was complex, I visited the space a week in advance, thanks to permission from Ana Lojanica, without whom this would not have been possible.  I took numerous photos and drew sketches to discover how to depict the space on my canvas.  After emailing the bride my version, and getting an okay, I painted a practice sketch to see if my vision "worked" (In order to fit the space on the canvas, along with the dome, I vertically compressed the ceiling.)  And then after a more detailed drawing sketch, I painted that directly onto the canvas.  When I arrived, the architectural structure was in place, and I added to it from life, adjusted colors and so on.

Address of the Carnegie Institute of Washington1530 P St NW Washington DC 20005

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Four Seasons Hotel, D.C Staff Party Live Painting

Four Seasons Hotel, D.C. Staff Party Live Painting, painted by Patricia Bennett, 24x36"

Sunday I painted this at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.  It is such an amazing hotel, where dignitaries like to lunch and service is impeccable.  So of course the staff party was beautiful and entertaining, with their own talent show and judges.

I arrived around 11am, to make sure there would be enough time to paint their distinctive chandeliers.  There was already a platform set up for me.  After I did a few sketches in my notebook, I began painting by noon.  The staff spent all day setting up lights, tables, candelabra, the D.J. Booth.  They were friendly and deceptively casual: experts at what they did.  

I painted almost without stop until the event ended at 11pm.  Really great party!