Patricia Bennett


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pier 5, Baltimore, MD Wedding and Reception Painting

©Patricia Bennett, 2014. Wedding Reception at Pier 5, 24x36", acrylic on canvas.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom, and to their families!

Pier 5 is adjacent to the Marriott Waterfront Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel and it has a spectacular view.  There is also a historic lighthouse and grove of trees that can be seen from the windows.  Guests can go onto the balcony and look over the Inner Harbor.

The Wedding Ceremony was on the first floor, I did not paint that live as it was too far to move the easel, but I photographed it and added a small montage later.  The couple's cat is under the table.

The bride has striking red hair, as well as her sister: she is dancing with her husband near center, and her sister is in purple nearby.  The mother of the bride is in red, and the father of the bride is behind her.

The Hotel Staff was very helpful.  And the photographer, Brea, was great.  The servers were also very nice and cared a lot about making people happy.  They gave me coffee, which was great.  The mother of the bride did floral decorations: orchids from Whole Foods in vases with colored glass, and these were impressive.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Greenspring Montessori School Children's House Painting

Miss Emily's class in Children's House at the Greenspring Montessori School, 24x24", painted by Patricia Bennett

December 15, 2014 was my final sitting on this painting.  I was in Miss Emily's classroom at the Greenspring Montessori School from Monday December 8 through Thursday December 11 painting the children and teachers at work.

It was wonderful to see the children working in the Montessori method.  The children were working on vowels, studying geography, building towers, counting, sewing, reading, and getting coats on to go to gym.  (Their snack and dishwashing area was off to the right, and didn't make it into the painting.)

Greenspring Montessori School address: 10807 Tony Drive, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Live Watercolor at the Greenspring Montessori School

Miss Emily's class, The Greenspring Montessori School, 11x14", painted by Patricia Bennett
Miss Emily graciously and generously allowed me into her classroom yesterday, where I set up and painted an impression of her and the children at work.

I gave her the watercolor, she is a wonderful teacher.

Limited fine art giclee prints will be available: all proceeds either go to the classroom or to the Annual Fund.


Desc: Printed with Claria ink on an Epson Artisan 1430 printer, archival up to 200 years, on Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster, signed by the artist.

5x7"  $55 apiece
8x10"  $85 apiece
11x14" $110 apiece

Painted Wedding Reception at the George Peabody Library

Event Painting of Wedding Reception at the George Peabody Library, painted by Patricia Bennett
Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

The George Peabody Library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.  A special thank you to the librarian, Mr. Paul Espinosa, who let me in early so I could get started on painting in this amazing space.  I arrived around noon and painted until 11pm, when the Reception ended.

It is inspiring to see the transformation of the George Peabody Library from a quiet space with a few scholars, to a space filled with beautiful people, sparkling decor, and gorgeous flowers and lots of joy.  I attempted to capture this in the event painting.

Below is one of the greeting cards that I made and gave to the bride.

The artist-signed, giclee greeting card on custard deckled 100% cotton paper, by Patricia Bennett

Monday, December 1, 2014

Wedding and Reception at Temple Oheb Shalom

Live Painting of Wedding and Reception at Temple Oheb Shalom, painted by Patricia Bennett
Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

Temple Oheb Shalom is filled with high-quality art, including portraits of their Rabbis.  The most recent portrait of Rabbi Fink is painted by local great Sam Robinson.  The stained glass windows and tree in the Temple are beautiful and naturalistic and they are carefully included in the painting.  Mr. Kenneth Davidson, the Executive Director, was very helpful and friendly.

I arrived around noon.  As the reception and ceremony were one room apart, it was possible for me to paint both.  The mother of the bride helped me to find the perfect spot to paint the ceremony: the second story, centered.  I was not in the way and had a great view.  Next, I found a place in the reception room with a view of the sweetheart table, cake, and dance floor.  The caterers agreed this was a good spot.  So I returned to the ceremony room and began to paint.

As Baltimore is really Smalltimore, I have painted three weddings with Rabbi Fink as Officiator, and one of "my" brides was a guest at this wedding, with her mother and her husband.  This bride is stunningly beautiful and really cool and it was great to see her.  She said that after her dog, the live event painting of her wedding is what she would take if her house were on fire:)

Flowers and Fancies put the flowers and branches on the Chuppah, which really went well with the striking bronze tree sculpture behind it.  They also made gold, sparkling flower arrangements in the reception room.

Rachel Fineberg, Mango Productions, was the Event Planner and she was excellent: really on top of everything and very helpful.  The pianist came to my rescue with an extension cord for my light, and the photographer was very good.  The food was prepared by Temple staff, I believe, and was delicious.

The bride wanted special portraits added of her walking down the aisle with her parents, her husband walking down the aisle with his mom, her three step-parents walking down the aisle, and her dog (I put him under a table).  From my vantage point, it was impossible to get even reference photos of this, and although a fast painter, I could not paint 8 people walking in two minutes.  Also, they had to be placed spatially: this was a studio project.  After the wedding, the bride emailed me photos that the guests took on their iphones.  This work took three weeks.  I'm proud of it.

In this painting, the bride and groom are watching themselves get married!  In reality, that was the sweetheart table in the reception room, and the two rooms are superimposed.