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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nicole and Dots

Nicole and Dots, 11x14, watercolor, Patricia Bennett
Done at the Zoll Studio last night (August 14, 2013).

I find dots very fascinating.  Edouard Vuillard is one of my favorite painters, and he used lots of dots.  I'm not sure why he used dots.

Someone in the class asked me if I was inspired by elementary particles.  Hopefully not, as that is in my past.  My senior thesis was based on particles called excitons which can only be seen when they die: they emit a dot of light.  I bombarded a chilled silicon wafer with laser beams to coax the excitons into a droplet...  Kind of strange, but documented with a computer spectrographic program.

Nicole had an amazing tattoo of birds and fish on one leg.

Materials: Utrecht brand professional watercolors, nice brushes, archival paper, pencil, pink eraser.

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