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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Painted Wedding Reception at the Antrim at Taneytown, September 6, 2014

Wedding Reception at the Antrim in Taneytown, painted by Patricia Bennett, 24x36"
September 6, 2014: A beautiful day in Taneytown at the Antrim.  The Antrim is a hotel with stunning rose gardens, fountains, a croquet lawn, and a pool.

At 2pm, after coordinating with Elizabeth, the wedding planner, I painted the rose gardens and picturesque landscape from under the overhang at the entrance to the pavilion.  At 3 the skies darkened and there was an hour-long storm with lightening bolts and wind gusts.  I painted through the storm.

When guests finished cocktail hour in the rose gardens, I followed inside to the reception area and set up next to the sweetheart table.

The result is a montage of the wedding event.  Their wedding cake is on the far right, and I got a nice view of the bride dancing with her mom.

Congratulations to the couple!!

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