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Friday, September 19, 2014

Painting at Brightside Gardens

Painting set-up for Hercules, Patricia Bennett at Brightside Gardens
Yesterday I had the great pleasure of painting at Brightside Gardens.
Hercules in progress, at Brightside Gardens, painted by Patricia Bennett, 24x24"
Brightside Gardens are privately owned and meticulously maintained and have a wonderful theme of Greco/Roman mythology (along with genuine sculptures).  The gardener showed me around some of the 53 gardens and explained which trees would look like fire in the fall.  There are many maples, some will be orange and some flaming red, and there are the amazing pergolas, which will be a mixture ranging from yellow to orange.  The leaves have not really changed yet, so I have a few weeks to get ready!  On my list to paint is Stiles Portager (even though it doesn't seem to have fall colors, but it's lovely), the River Styxx (which has brilliant maples), and I need to paint the Roman Sarcophagus.

Hercules at Brightside Gardens, Patricia Bennett
Stiles Portager, sketched by Patricia Bennett at Brightside Gardens

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