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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hillendale Country Club Painted Wedding Reception, September 27, 2014

Wedding Reception at the Hillendale Country Club, September 27, 2014, painted by Patricia Bennett
Congratulations to the couple!

Their wedding reception was profiled in the Baltimore Sun Life and Travel section, written by John-John Williams IV, Sunday February 1, 2015 , and I was mentioned: "Special Touches: Artist Patricia Bennett painted the evening sunset and first dance live during reception."

The wedding reception was at the Hillendale Country Club where the mother of the bride is a champion golfer.
View at the Hillendale Country Club, 3pm, photo by Patricia Bennett

I arrived before 2pm.  Tables were already set up inside, but country club guests were still using the bar room and on the veranda was a family having lunch.  Elle instructed me to set up on the outside veranda, where the band and dancing and cocktails would be.  There were going to be outside bars, and a fire pit later.

I started painting by 3pm.  The sun was out, so the view was a little bright.  As I painted, the sun descended on my left, and by six, the sun was blinding!  Then there was a lovely sunset.

The band was the "Bachelor Boys".  They sang on-key and were real musicians.
Elle Ellinghaus was the Event Coordinator, carrying everything out with ease and grace.
The Hillendale Country Club staff provided excellent service.
Event Pro did the lighting and the drapery.
La Cakerie did the gorgeous cake.

 Tables: designed by Elle

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