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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Parks and People Foundation, Elijah Cummings awarding Sally Michels

Parks and People Foundation Event at the Baltimore Rowing Club
Representative Elijah Cummings presented Sally Michels with an award

Parks and People Foundation Event, 24x24, painted by Patricia Bennett
 I was asked by the Parks and People Foundation to paint their event, October 27, 2013.  Previous to this, I had not heard of the Parks and People Foundation.  It is a thriving organization that has done a lot of good.

My aunt got married at this rowing club, so I was familiar with it, and looked forward to painting the striking view of Baltimore City and I-95.  I planned to arrive a couple of hours early to paint this, then I would paint the guests mingling on the deck.

However when I arrived there was a thick tent blocking the view completely, still up from the previous night's event.  And the event was being held in a free-standing tent, removed from the boathouse, completely covered with panels.  Also, there were no electrical outlets for my lamp in this tent, so when the sun went down, I would not be able to see.

I spoke to the catering staff and was able to set up inside of the building with a good view, seeing around the tent on the deck.  I painted for a couple of hours and had a very nice background of the water and the grass.  As guests arrived for cocktails, I moved into the event tent and painted the tables and chairs and Picnic Park sign.

Everything went very well until it began to get dark.  I could not see.  Luckily, one of the servers had a flashlight that she uses for fishing at night (not sure about why anyone fishes at night), and she let me borrow it.  I held it in one hand and painted with the other.  This is very awkward, and challenging, and I do not recommend it.

It was amazing to hear Rep. Elijah Cummings speak, he is extremely charismatic and just seems like a really generous person.  He was giving Sally Michels an award.  I added them afterwards at the request of the Picnic Parks liason.

Then I made a print and cards and gave them to the Parks and People Foundation.
Print Patricia Bennett designed for the Parks and People Foundation, available.

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