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Friday, November 29, 2013

Live Event Painting Film

I have attached a link to a video about Live Event Painting that was produced by June Soh at Voice of America.  My work is the focus of the video.

24x36 by Patricia Bennett
A wonderful, beautiful, and generous bride agreed to have her wedding reception filmed.  Without her support, this film would not have been possible.

June Soh contacted me several months ago and asked if she could do a piece on Live Event Painting.  I love video and thought it sounded interesting.  I am happy with the result, I consider it to be a work of art.

Some of the quotes were taken out of context: I was interviewed for several minutes, but June selected only a few sentences (leaving out her questions).  I would like to iterate that I feel honored when someone allows me to paint their wedding, and that I think that their wedding is very important.  I think June asked me: Do you think that Weddings are the most Important things in History, and then used my response in the film!

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