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Monday, October 7, 2013

Wedding Reception at Pazo

October 5, 2013 Wedding Reception Painting at Pazo Restaurant in Baltimore City

I arrived at 2pm to begin the painting for the lovely couple of their wedding reception at Baltimore's Pazo.  Living in Baltimore, I had heard of Pazo but had never seen it until the Wednesday before the Reception.  It was the perfect location for this event.

I found the staff to be really helpful and friendly.  Elizabeth Bailey, the wedding planner, expertly situated me in the perfect location, and allowed me lots of latitude. 

At the end...
Patricia Bennett after midnight with the painting of the Wedding Reception.
 The painting, bride and groom to be added later.
Wedding Reception at Pazo, by Patricia Bennett
In this painting please note the limousine out front, the high-heeled shoes on the stool, the absence of a flight of stairs, and the figure on the upper balcony with the camera...
The beginning of the painting, pencil on canvas, Patricia Bennett

Artist's reflection in the bar at Pazo

Photo of Pazo with Elizabeth Bailey, her two assistants, and Pazo's event planner.

The Wedding Reception Painting, mid-way through.
It was a great party.  The only part that was kind of weird was when I walked ten blocks after midnight through Fells Point to fetch my car.

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