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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Live Painting at the Baltimore Country Club

Wedding Reception Painting at the Baltimore Country Club, ©Patricia Bennett 2013 24x36"

Below is the painting at the end of the evening.  I asked the couple to pose for me, and added them afterwards, along with small vignettes of their first dance and their marriage ceremony.  The bride's dog is also in the painting.
Baltimore Country Club Live Painting, 24x36, Patricia Bennett
This lovely wedding reception was organized by Stephanie Bradshaw and her crew at Baltimore's very own Baltimore Country Club.

I arrived at noon to a space with three areas: one for the reception dinner with a "farm to family" feel, one for dancing "under the stars", and one for coffee.  I had to decide what to paint.  It was tempting to include the view from the entrance, but I decided on simplicity: I set up in the reception room.

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