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Friday, October 4, 2013

Cylburn Association Porch Parties

Painted Live at the Cylburn Association's Porch Parties at Cylburn Arboretum.

This was actually the second porch party.  It began at 6:30, the beer was donated by the man on the right with a red beard.  Tracy Bumba is in the foreground, lower left.  Kathy Hudson is in the red pants, she was one of the hostesses.  

Cylburn Porch Party Thursday September 26, 2013  Patricia Bennett
 The third porch party, a brunch.  The food and table settings were generously donated by the Food Market in Hampden.  I have never been so impressed with the friendliness of a caterer.  The owner's father is on the left serving coffee, and the owner is on the right in blue.  They let me have my coffee cup, which is on my left as I type this.  Karen Smith and her husband, President of the board, are near the back.  Gary Vikan, former director of the Walters Art Museum, is on the lower left, with Greg Otto, Baltimore's premiere artist on the lower right.
Cylburn Porch Party 2 Sunday September 29, 2013 Patricia Bennett

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