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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Walters Art Museum Live Painting Wedding Ceremony

Painted a magical wedding and reception at the Walters Art Museum in the sculpture court, June 6, 2015.

Patricia Bennett painting in the sculpture court at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, June 6, 2015, photo taken by Robert Mintz
Walters Art Museum Live Wedding Painting by Patricia Bennett, copyright Patricia Bennett 2015

Jessica Maskell, of JEM Events, calmly organized the event, and lovely florals were provided by Amanda Schlissler of Stylish Occasions.  The bride designed a lovely sea-green layered cloth effect on a frame to stand in front of the central fountain.  Stylish Occasions created an A-frame garland to drape over it, filled with pale pink peonies and pale orange roses.  Pastor Michael Belt officiated.

D.J. Mark Maskell did a wonderful job entertaining guests on the dance floor.

It has been at least a decade since an artist painted in the sculpture court, if ever, so the Walters Art Museum, at the initiative of their event coordinator Heather Poff, arranged for me to meet with several key museum staff, including the head of security, to describe my materials and technique.  Luckily, my materials satisfied them, and after I signed an agreement, I had permission to paint in the stunning and unique space.  Stanchions were placed around me for further security.

In order to capture the architecture of the space, I visited a week earlier to sketch and take photos and began the painting in my studio.  To fit the vertical space onto the horizontal canvas, I compressed the second floor by 50%, but included the ceiling.  No one even notices!

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