Patricia Bennett


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pier 5, Baltimore, MD Wedding and Reception Painting

©Patricia Bennett, 2014. Wedding Reception at Pier 5, 24x36", acrylic on canvas.

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom, and to their families!

Pier 5 is adjacent to the Marriott Waterfront Hotel and the Four Seasons Hotel and it has a spectacular view.  There is also a historic lighthouse and grove of trees that can be seen from the windows.  Guests can go onto the balcony and look over the Inner Harbor.

The Wedding Ceremony was on the first floor, I did not paint that live as it was too far to move the easel, but I photographed it and added a small montage later.  The couple's cat is under the table.

The bride has striking red hair, as well as her sister: she is dancing with her husband near center, and her sister is in purple nearby.  The mother of the bride is in red, and the father of the bride is behind her.

The Hotel Staff was very helpful.  And the photographer, Brea, was great.  The servers were also very nice and cared a lot about making people happy.  They gave me coffee, which was great.  The mother of the bride did floral decorations: orchids from Whole Foods in vases with colored glass, and these were impressive.

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  1. Wow!! What a beautiful wedding reception painting!! Yes, that’s true Marriott Waterfront Hotel is among the best place for traditional weddings. The interior of this hotel is very elegant. Rather than going for Banquet Halls, I personally feel it’s better to book venues like these.