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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baltimore Country Club Painted Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception at the Baltimore Country Club, painted by Patricia Bennett, 24x36"
This is the final version of the painting of the wedding reception of Devin and Will at the Baltimore Country Club.

Through the generous permission of the photographer, Jessica Haley, I was able to use several of her photos as reference to fine-tune figures that were already in the painting and to add the mother/son dance.  Thank you Jessica!

The band, Jon Goska's group, was also great, Hero Entertainment.

The Baltimore Country Club is a very special place, full of tradition, and this particular room, wood-paneled, is gorgeous.  Also, I love how the bride's white dress lights up the whole room.

Congratulations to Devin and Will!

Baltimore Country Club address: 4712 Club Road, Baltimore, MD, 21210
Hero Entertainment:

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