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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wedding Painting at the Woodholme Country Club

Wedding Reception and Ceremony at the Woodholme Country Club, by Patricia Bennett

 Painting a Wedding at the Woodholme Country Club, August, 24, 2013

Patricia Bennett beginning the wedding painting at the Woodholme Country Club, photo by Fleur de lis
Yesterday I had the privilege to paint a beautiful and joyous wedding celebration.

Chuppah before the Ceremony at Woodholme Country Club, photo by Patricia Bennett
Chuppah painting in progress, before the Ceremony, by Patricia Bennett

I began in the room with the Chuppah, and spent a few hours capturing the mood.  I saw it suffused with light.  There were candles on either side of the aisle and scattered rose petals.
Patricia Bennett in front of her started painting of the Chuppah at Woodholme Country Club, photo probably by Woodholme staff.

Due to space constraints, it wasn't possible for me to paint the ceremony.
At each event I find that unexpected things happen and flexibility is crucial to success.  I did photograph the ceremony, and found the most memorable moments to be when the bride gave the groom the wine to drink.  And when the flower girl threw the petals into the aisle.
Woodholme Wedding Painting Live, Patricia Bennett
My remaining work is to paint in the ceremony.  And add the bride and groom to the lower left, with a couple other family members...

To be continued...

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