Patricia Bennett


Friday, August 2, 2013

Portrait almost done, cylburn drawing, roses started

Portrait in progress, 16x20, Patricia Bennett
 The portrait is almost done.  I am doing finishing touches to her dress and and dog and so on.  I decided against the flower in her hair.  Her face is very lovely to look at and a flower would be distracting.
White and Red Roses in progress, 12x12, Patricia Bennett
Roses from Cylburn Arboretum.  This photo does not do the painting justice!  It's white roses near pink, near deeeep red, with strong greens.  The feeling is after Fantin Latour.  In progress.  
Cylburn Lions in pen and crayon, 12x16, Patricia Bennett
Done on location today at the lovely Cylburn Arboretum.  The weather is great, especially in the shade of the black walnut tree next to the mansion.  This was Cylburn's last day of Summer Camp.

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