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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interiors in Progress at Tyson's Mansion

Tyson Mansion staircase, almost done, 18x24, Patricia Bennett
I worked on this today, on location, for the eighth time.  I'm debating whether to add a figure or not.

The wall tapestries, now faded, probably used to be more vibrant, with greens and reds.  There are swans, flowers, trees and a mansion weaved into the tapestries.

Tyson Mansion view, in progress, 24x30, Patricia Bennett
This is the view from the same spot as the Staircase painting, just rotated 45 degrees and elevated by two feet.  It is in progress, I plan to add butterflies near the window.

I put a nail in the wall about fifty feet from the "horizon line" to establish my "vanishing point", and attached thread to it to find perspective lines for the upper doorway.

I chose this view because of the contrast between the artificial light from the gorgeous candelabra and the blue light coming in from outside.

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