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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hon Ball Fundraiser for the School of the Cathedral

 Saturday April 27, 2013, I was part of the Hon Ball to benefit the School of the Cathedral.  I was to paint the party, then the painting would be auctioned off by Mary Bubala, Channel 13 News anchor, and all proceeds go to the School.
The Beginning of the painting, done on stage at the Hippodrome Theatre, starting at 11am, photo by Suzin Boddiford 
I carefully painted the Hippodrome first.  Then the party began, and I added people.  There were amazing clothes, lots of beehives, lots of boas, leopard patterned dresses. Great food by Rouge Catering...
During the Live Auction at the Hon Ball to benefit the School of the Cathedral, photo by Suzin Boddiford
Then 9pm arrived, and it was time for the live auction.  My painting was the first item, and it was bid up to $2800.  Mary Bubala, who auctioned the painting and is Channel 13 News Anchor is very charming and lively and fun, and was instrumental in this success.  

The winner is going to be painted into the painting with her husband and a few friends.  I have begun the preparatory drawings for this, and it should be really cool.  She's got a beehive, and funny glasses and a purple boa and her husband is in a tux with a pink bow tie and cool sneakers.

I was very impressed with the event organizers, they were just really great and friendly and smart and fun.  The Manager of the Hippodrome was also great, and Kady Chambers, the Special Events Manager, was really funny and helpful.

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