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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Corporate Portrait study...

Today my model for the Corporate portrait came and we discussed his pose.

We looked at portraits by Ronald Sherr, Raymond Kinstler, and Silverman to get ideas.

Ultimately we decided for a light background with gradations from light to dark, not too much detail.  He'll probably sit and hold his glasses and look directly at me.  I want to capture his personality as much as possible, and this seems to fit him.

I took some photos, and will do a very detailed study of his face.

Since the ultimate portrait will be large (30x40"), it's careful planning (as if this is a chess game).  The first step is to figure out the design.  Then I'll do a small mock-up of it to see how it works.  And I'll do some detailed studies of his face in the meantime.

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