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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Commissioned Wedding Painting

Wedding Day Allegory, painted by Patricia Bennett, 24x24"
The uncle of the bride and groom commissioned me to paint their wedding day from photos.

He told me who the important people were, and explained things, and from there I did a sketch, and then this painting.  There were over 1800 photos, so plenty of material.

The following scenes are in the painting, starting on the left of the painting, then going clockwise:

1. The Bridal Bouquet with ring
2. The signing of the Marriage Contract.
3. The groom with his parents
4. The bride and groom relaxing in a tree
5. The bride and her parents
6. The Horah
7. The cake
8. The First Dance
9. The marriage.

Although the ceremony took place at night, I set it in daytime as the view was beautiful.

This is the first time that I have painted a wedding day without being there.

This is a gift to the bride and groom from their uncle.  He is going to give it to them during Seder, April 4.

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