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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tabrizi's Wedding Reception Painting, October 11, 2014

Tabrizi's Wedding Reception Painting, Baltimore, ©Patricia Bennett 2014

This was a lovely wedding reception at Michael Tabrizi's restaurant located on the Inner Harbor.

The space is very elegant and color neutral.  The chandeliers are blue glass.  Both allow the guest to focus on the most striking thing: the great view of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  In addition, the area is quiet and safe with an easily accessible parking lot.  As I unloaded my easel, bag, and canvas, the few pedestrians were walking small poodles and jogging.

Michael Tabrizi cooks the food himself; I ate the chicken and it was great.  He saw me painting and compared me to Picasso, which is a huge compliment, one which I will treasure.

The event coordinator was very helpful and we easily found the perfect spot for me to set up my easel.  When I arrived at 2:30, Belle Fleurs was already there setting up lovely flower displays of lilies, roses, orchids...  I needed an extension cord for my light, and the coordinator got it for me.  Later, the DJ, Carl Brashears, offered to tape the cord onto the floor with gaffer's tape so that guests would not see it.  Very generous of him, and very helpful!  

When the reception began, I had a good start on the view, and it was getting dark.  The cake, also made by Tabrizi's, was next to me, so I carefully painted it in.  

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Tabrizi's address: 500 Harborview Drive, A9 | Baltimore, MD 21230
Belle Fleurs address: 3 Crystal Field Court, Baltimore, MD, 21209
D.J. Carl Brashears:

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