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Monday, May 26, 2014

Wedding Reception at the Sequoia in Georgetown

Wedding Reception, May 24, 2014, at the Sequoia in Georgetown, painted live by Patricia Bennett

Patricia Bennett painting at the Sequoia, photo courtesy of bride's mom

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

The Sequoia is a lovely spot on the water in Georgetown, it has direct elevator access and has a view of Watergate, the Lincoln Center, and a famous bridge...  My favorite things about the space were the gorgeous blue chandeliers, the pillars, and the American flags (they fit so well with the day of the wedding, Memorial Day, and for the groom, who is a Navy Seal).

The staff there was very helpful and nice.  I set up right in front of the concierge desk and used their outlet for my lamp.  I wanted to arrive at 2:30, but got lost, then parked in the wrong parking garage...  However, once in the correct garage, and after a cup of coffee, direct elevator access made it a breeze to bring equipment inside.

Staff and the planner assisted me in finding the best spot to paint.  After a few sketches, it was a matter of putting in the view (stunning), and the flowers, which were placed in vases as I painted.  The flowers were on top of very tall vases and studies in white, quite elegant.  The cake was several layers, so many I had to count twice, and also lovely.

Guests arrived and many were Navy Seals.  I felt honored to paint them.  And I wish them well in their deployments.  The bride was gorgeous, and it was a great celebration.  One guest kept offering me and the staff cocktails, but we had to turn him down!

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