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Monday, December 2, 2013

Patricia Bennett's painting In Baltimore Style Magazine, December 2013

Suzin Boddiford, Style fashion editor, invited me to be at the photoshoot.  It was really cool and I feel quite lucky.

The painting next to the model is mine, it wasn't really there because it didn't exist yet.  During this photoshoot, I painted the model as she posed.  I had a few seconds to paint her in.  I also painted the photographer in, Nemo Neimann, as he held a very heavy camera and photographed her.  Afterwards, I sent my painting image to Nemo and he photoshopped it into the empty frame that they had sitting next to the model.  

I especially like the reflection that Nemo put on the floor in front of the painting to make it extra real.  

It was very exciting to be at the photoshoot.  I have never seen one before, and the Belvedere Hotel location was splendid.  

Style Magazine Superstition Photoshoot at the Belvedere, 24x36, Patricia Bennett
Please note the cute black cat running across the floor.  The cat was very shy and kept running away.

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