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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Girl and Urn and Cylburn Garden

Girl and Urn, in progress 18x24, Patricia Bennett
 The young lady is posing for us at the Zoll Studio.  I decided I wanted the lovely poppies and trees at Cylburn to be in the background and foreground.  So, I photographed the poppies and urn as reference.

I'm making the trees muddier and warmer than they are, and dulling down the sky.  If the sky were too bright and the trees too green, it would not make sense with the warm shadows on her skin.
Garden at Cylburn, in progress 18x18, Patricia Bennett
This was started yesterday, it's an enchanting garden on the way to the Tyson Mansion at Cylburn Arboretum.  I was joined by a fellow painter for part of the time.

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